Civil : Woolnorth

Woolnorth TAS 7330

In 2002 Hydro Tasmania awarded Stubbs Constructions Pty. Ltd. the $6.6 million Woolnorth Wind Farm Stage 2 civil and electrical works.

The work associated with this Contract included: construction of 9.7 km of road, installation of 20 km of underground HV cable, construction of 31 No. wind turbine footings & hardstands, and completion of the new substation civil works. In all over 6,500 m3 of concrete was batched & poured on site, 500 tonnes of reinforcement was placed, 50,000 m3 of gravel was placed & compacted, and 20 km of high voltage cable was installed underground.

The site for these works was located on the west coast of Tasmania, on the historical Woolnorth Property. Aboriginal and early European artefacts were located in the work site. In order to protect the 4 No. threatened bird species on site, special work practices were put into place, such as restricting work in the vicinity of nests, and the prohibiting of work during nesting.
The site included an abundance waterways and wetlands, which were protected from sediment ingress using silt fencing and sediment. A semi-permanent silt fence was developed by Stubbs Constructions Pty. Ltd. due to the harsh environment reducing the effectiveness of traditional type silt containment.

The Cape Grim Air Monitoring is only a short distance from the site, and measures were required to minimise the affect of the works on this important scientific monitoring station. These measures, implemented by Stubbs Constructions Pty. Ltd. included: a ban on polystyrene from site, keeping the gravel road damp to reduce dust and low emission construction equipment.

Stubbs Constructions Pty. Ltd. commitment to reducing environmental impacts, workplace safety, and quality is evident throughout our operations, and on this site, by not having an incident during the Projects 13 month construction period.

Project Points

  • Construction of 9.7 km of road
  • 13 Months Construction Period
  • 500 tonnes of reinforcement
  • 50,000 m3 of Gravel
  • 6,500 m3 of concrete

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