We're not the only ones excited happy amazed with our projects.

Over 10,000 projects big and small since 1938, we are committed to moving Tasmania forward.

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Stubbs Constructions


Commercial Projects differ with customer requirements and the architects imagination, new technology and products continue to become available improving construction methods broadening the architects options and increasing the contractors experience.        View More 

Stubbs Constructions


Civil engineering encompasses the discipline of building structures and facilities which form part of our everyday environment. Whilst much of this is not seen on completion, the challenges in execution of the construction are often of the most demanding nature. View More 

Stubbs Constructions


Educational building is another major element in the construction industry.        View More

Stubbs Constructions


Given Stubbs Constructions proximity to west coast mining, Hydro Schemes, Forestry, Paper and Agriculture we have been fortunate with opportunities to extend our skills.        View More 

Our Company

Stubbs Constructions Pty. Ltd. was formed in 1938 by Louis and Dorothy Stubbs and was initially known as L. T. Stubbs Penguin, specialising in building, painting and paper hanging.

Currently the company operates throughout Tasmania on Civil, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects.

Projects include Schools, Pump Stations, Jetties, Boardwalks, Car Parks, Bridges, Subdivisions, Cool stores, Hotels, Pollution Traps, Sport Centres, Retirement Village, Spillways, Asset Maintenance and a design and construct service capable of providing effective solutions for the completion of projects with time and cost benefits.

A comprehensive integrated management system is in force to ensure quality of construction, a focus on safety in work practices, conservation, waste minimisation and rehabilitation in environmental care.

Stubbs Constructions has dedicated staff, many with long service, who are recognised for the Company¹s performance. The range of skills and wealth of experience of our personnel combine to provide a professional results team.

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