Fonterra Tanker Bay

Industrial : Fonterra Tanker Bay

86-92 Inglis St, Wynyard TAS 7325

The new milk receiving tanker bay had to be built in the shutdown period of the working cheese factory. An allowance in the construction time had to be made for the new milk lines to be installed and tested by Fonterra prior to general operations being reinstated (extremely long and enduring process). Construction of the Tanker Bay required demolition of some of the existing structure, re-alignment of the driveway and new drains established in the new concrete driveways.

A steel structure clad with colourbond was erected over the area and a new silo base was also constructed. To add to the problems of the construction during demolition large disused underground fuel tanks were discovered. These had to be removed and the soils tested to meet all relevant environmental and safety codes. As a result a modern facility has been built allowing for the B-double trucks to better address the site to unload in all manner of weather conditions. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Project Points

  • Award for Excellence in 2011
  • Contract Value $837 K

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