The Circular Head Trade Training Centre

Educational : The Circular Head Trade Training Centre

Montagu Road, Smithton TAS 7330

The Circular Head Trade Training Centre incorporates facilities for metalworkers, carpentry, plumbing and automotive trades. It is a spectacularly dynamic building nestled in an established and peaceful setting beside the Duck River in Smithton. It brings colour, form and wonderful design to an otherwise traditional area, the local inhabitants look upon it with pride and enthusiasm for this is the future for many young Circular Head students that now have a day to day reminder that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

There are a number of significant features that showcase this building including a combination of Danpalon and Colourbond Cladding. The interior is a splash of lime and orange coloured doors with bright red window frames and structural steel all brilliantly highlighted by huge amounts of natural light from the Danpalon clad vaulted skylights. The exterior is an angled delight to the eye, it features brightly coloured multi facetted concrete elements that frame highly practical windows and visual features.

The building, while demonstrating the value and purpose of contemporary use of lighting, ultra modern products and great design also ticks the boxes for environmental responsibility by utilizing extensive solar panel generation of power. The excess power being sold back into the grid when the students are on leave or the centre is closed.

Project Points

  • Danpalon clad vaulted skylights

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